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We urge you to include an additional donation to the following essential activities.  Please make a note of the dollar amount on the check.

Sportsmen’s Political Action Committee

The Sportsmen’s Political Action Committee (SportPAC) is organized to support incumbent legislators or candidates to state office by providing support to their campaigns. SportPAC rates incumbents and candidates every two years for the state-wide elections and works closely with the NRA’s Political Victory Fund (PVF) in both ratings and suggesting their political support. PACs are an essential element of successful lobbying and political support are essentially a thank you to supportive legislators and a necessity for them if they are to have legislative longevity. The message of a PAC is simply: Help Those Who Help You!
Donations to SportPAC are not tax-deductible.

CCS Legal Defense Fund

The CCS Legal Defense Fund has been a contributor to or originator of several court cases. Most significant was our support of Benjamin v. Bailey, in the sportsmen’s attempt to overturn Connecticut’s “Assault Weapons Act,” to which the Legal Defense Fund contributed tens of thousands of dollars during both the Superior Court and State Supreme Court actions. Recently we have overturned an East Hartford hunting ordinance that restricted hunting in the town. It allowed the Chief of Police to determine where hunting could occur and allowed only him to issue permission. The case was appealed by the town and sportsmen won with a favorable conclusion on this preemption issue. We expect this decision to be precedent-setting concerning local hunting ordinances throughout the state. Many times, just having a legal “warchest” to back-up the possibility of a court case has caused towns and others to rethink their position. Our chances of overturning actual and proposed restrictions on sportsmen are excellent, since most the potential cases we face are patently extralegal applications of the law. We urge you support the Legal Defense Fund efforts. Donations to the CCS Legal Defense Fund are not tax-deductible.